The Smokehouse is a local tobacco shop in Thomasville, GA carrying premium cigars, pipes, tobacco, and a variety of accessories. Come check out our selection and great prices!

Alec Bradley; Arturo Fuente; Ashton; Avo Uvezian; Bahama Mamas; Casa Magna; Cohiba; Cuban Rejects; Henry Clay; Indian Tabac; La Gloria Cubana; Macanudo; Maker’s Mark; Marsh Wheeling; Montecristo; Patagas; Perdomo Reserve; Perla Del Mar; Punch; Rocky Patel; Romeo Y Julieta; Tatiana; White Lightning Crooks and plus many more!

Cigarette/Pipe Tobacco:
Farmer’s Gold 8oz / 16oz / 5lb (Natural Blend; Smooth Blend; FGM Cool Blend; Full Aroma); 4 Aces 16oz (Regular; Mint); Red River 16oz (Regular; Mint)

Premium Pipe Tobacco:
BCA; Burley W/O A Bite; Exotic Night; Gold Lite; HG-2000; MV-1000 (Vanilla); TK-6; Very Cherry; Whiskey and many more!

Dr. Grabow, Missouri Meerschaum Company.

Cigarette Tubes:
Double Diamond; Gambler; Laramie; Shargio; Zen.

Filters; Pipe Bits; Pipe Cleaners; Humidors; Rolling Machines; Rolling Papers; Tubes; Zippo Lighters.

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